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The Great Omission
by Tom Goodman
November 30, 2007

Jesus told us in Matthew 28 that a large part of being disciples was making disciples.  The burden falls on you and me, as Hillcrest leaders, to make sure that Great Commission does not become the Great Omission at Hillcrest.  You and I have the job of mobilizing this congregation so that those in need of Christ are reached and placed on a clear path of discipleship.

"Mobilizing" a congregation to this end includes developing a congregation's heart, eyes, and mind for the lost.

First, it involves developing a congregation's heart for the lost.  Few Christians would openly deny that our job is to reach "the lost."  But how many Christians actually build relationships with lost people, enjoy the company of lost people, respect the many admirable qualities of the lost people they know, and find ways to explain spiritual truths in a way that lost people can understand?  Jesus did all of this, and the people we lead at Hillcrest are simply not following Jesus unless they are doing it, too.

Second, a congregation's eyes also need to be developed.  A congregation needs to see that lost people are not just "out there" in some distant country to where we send missionaries.  Lost people are not just "out there" in some remote part of Austin vastly different from our part of town.  No, there are people who need Christ who live around us and -- get this -- there are people in need of Christ who attend our services.

Third, mobilizing a congregation to reach the lost also involves developing our mind for how today's lost people can be reached.  You can have the right heart for the lost, you can have the eyes to see them, you can have the burden for it, but if you don't put your mind to the work, you won't be faithful to God.  The methods and approach we use to get the good news out have to be constantly evaluated to see if they are still effective at reaching people today.

You know, sometimes I think a church is more interested in doing evangelistic things than being evangelistic.  There's a difference.  Doing evangelistic things means doing things we've always labeled as evangelism.  We do them, and even if nothing happens, we pat ourselves on the back as a church that we've been faithful in evangelism.  That's different than being evangelistic.  There's only one way you can be considered evangelistic, and that's if you're seeing results.

Stop a moment and think about the ways you can help those you lead develop their heart, eyes, and mind to fulfill the Great Commission!


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