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"Good News About Sunday Mornings!"
by Tom Goodman
May 4, 2006

Leaders, the response to our new Sunday morning schedule has been fantastic.  We’ve been averaging 10 percent more people in attendance since we made the change.  In last week’s “Discover Hillcrest” classes, 10 adults and 4 youth completed the course for membership.  Look for baptisms and presentations of new members in both services this week.  It’s also nice to be able to report that we’re well ahead of budget in our giving.  BJ has reported a great attendance of excited kids in our G-Force and preschool work, and Herb has found the tables full for the “Common Ground” discussion groups following the first service.  In fact, last week he had to put out more chairs.  One of our newcomers put this on her Communication Card in last week’s service:  “I love the coffee house atmosphere for discussion after the service.  Thanks!”

We’re still working out some kinks in some places, such as 9:30 Bible study classes for the under-50 age group.  So bear with us, but spread the good news about what God’s doing at Hillcrest!  Also, be in prayer this Sunday as people from the Statesman will be in attendance to cover what our church is doing to respond to The Da Vinci Code.  A writer at the paper heard about our study and decided she should drop by this week.

On Sunday, May 21, I’ll share more news about our new schedule.  That’s the Sunday near my third anniversary with you, and I always try to use anniversary Sundays to discuss the state of things at the church.  From the look of things after three weeks in our new schedule, it’s going to be a fun report to share with you!


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