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Thanks to our Caring Friends Ministry
by Tom Goodman
August 27, 2009

I asked Mae Simmons to give us an update on our "Caring Friends" ministry, a visitation program to homebound members.  Many thanks to Mae, who leads the program, and all the "Caring Friends!"  Here's her report:

The Caring Friends ministry of Hillcrest Baptist Church was begun over 20 years ago and was led by Mayme Johnson until she moved to Georgetown last year.  This ministry literally provides a lifeline to our Homebound members.  Participation by the Homebound member in our church is limited by their inability to be in the church services.  They need to feel that they are important and worthwhile.

 The Caring Friends ministry is built on love and understanding toward homebound persons and their unique needs.  This is done through visits at least once a month, during which we communicate information about the church, have Bible study if they desire and prayer.  Oftentimes, we just need to be good listeners.  We remember special occasions in their lives such as birthdays and holidays.  They look forward each month to the Mature Living magazine that has interesting and amusing articles, which the HBC provides for them.

Some of our Homebound members do not want the monthly personal visits but still want to stay connected with our church, so we send cards and notes, or we visit by telephone.

The lives of the Caring Friends often are blessed more than we can imagine by these precious individuals and the blessings surpass the amount we might have given to them.

The Caring Friends of Hillcrest Baptist Church are:

Peggy Brubeck
Gail Chapman
Clarence Cossey
Jo Cullum
Marylou Draughon
Minnie Bell Draughon
Sheila Eveslage
Tom Eveslage
Lois Fullerton
Alleene McFarland
Susie Miller
Mae Simmons
Ann Wingfield

These committed Friends minister to 21 Homebound members.

There is a bulletin board in the hallway across from the office with names of our Homebound members.  Marylou Draughon updates this each month with birthdays and other information regarding the Homebound, so please check this out and send a card or note, or make a visit.

If you would like to become a Caring Friend or if you know someone that may be a prospect for our Homebound membership, please contact Melanie Clonts in the church office by email or phone (345-3771).

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