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Elevating Vision, Part One
by Tom Goodman
September 22, 2011

Business consultants advise their clients to have an "elevator speech."  This is a 30- to 60-second summary of what their company does and how it could add value to the prospect.  The theory is that you should be able to summarize what you do to a complete stranger in the time it would take you to share a ride in an elevator.

It's a good exercise for church leaders, too.  If all you had with a stranger was the 30-60 seconds it takes to ride with someone up an elevator, what could you say about Hillcrest that would pique their interest enough to visit?

I'll share my Hillcrest elevator speech in a future LeaderLines.  But I want to hear from you first.  Here's the scene:  You've invited someone to Hillcrest, and they've asked you why they should come.  In 3-4 sentences, tell me what you'd say.

No, really.

Take the next 5 minutes and send something back to me!  I look forward to your comments.


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