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Hillcrest Church Office
February 26, 2004

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Here is this week's LeaderLines. . . .

“From Six Months to Six Weeks”
by Tom Goodman

If you’ve read this week’s Hillcrest Beacon, you know that David Kemerling has announced his upcoming departure from Hillcrest:

Over the past six months Laurie and I have been led into a time of searching.  We have found that the Lord is directing us to leave the position of Singles Minister at Hillcrest.  This was not an easy decision to think about, but one that God is honoring.  We have been cared for, nurtured, encouraged and loved by this wonderful fellowship.  As I have said many times about others who have left Hillcrest.... no one leaves Hillcrest, they are simply sent elsewhere to continue to serve.  Thank you for your support and love to me and my family over the past eleven years (four on staff).
Since October, David and I have been discussing the staffing needs of our ministry to singles and university students.  We mutually agreed that the ministry would best be served by some kind of part-time staffing arrangement.  As he shared with other members of our Ministry Staff in the Fall, he had begun to explore other options for full-time employment.  No deadline was set on that process, but at the start of February he discussed with me the possibility of bringing things to a close at the end of March.  He felt this would give him greater freedom to pursue his new direction, including sitting for the Graduate Record Exam.  He also felt this would give our singles ministry freedom to make plans for the future.

David has wisely decided to go ahead and share this news with the singles and university students.  David will share his plans in greater detail with the rest of the Hillcrest family this Sunday evening, February 29, at 6:30 p.m.  His last Sunday on staff will be March 28.

LeaderLines is distributed to our church’s leaders.  As leaders, folks may ask you some understandable questions.  Naturally, one question people will ask is if there is any connection between Charles’ departure and David’s.  From the comments above, it’s clear that the only connection between David’s announcement and Charles’ announcement is the timing.  There is no “staff sweep” taking place.

Another question folks will ask is about the future of our singles and university ministry.  How will we structure that ministry in the immediate future?

God has an amazing way of taking care of these things.  Upon Charles’ announcement, God provided us Herb Ingram for our interim.  Herb will actually begin the week before Charles leaves so that there will be a seamless transition to new leadership.  God’s going to show us his plans for leadership over the singles ministry, too.  Last night I met with the singles leadership for prayer, discussion, and planning.  We have begun the process of designing a staffing structure that will best meet our present-day needs for that ministry area.  When we have some recommendations ready to present, we will share them with the church family.

So, plans that have been discussed for the last six months will unfold in the next six weeks.  We covet your prayers for David and his family, our Ministry Staff, and our singles leadership in the weeks ahead.