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“The Hillcrest W’s”
Hillcrest Church Office
July 31, 2003

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Here is this week’s LeaderLines. . .

“The Hillcrest W’s”
by Tom Goodman

The IRS has their W-2s.  At Hillcrest we have our W-4s!

What are the Hillcrest W’s?

          The Service of Worship
          The Service of Witness
          The Service of Warmth
          The Service of the Word

As you discover your unique set of spiritual gifts and interests, you will find your place of service at Hillcrest in at least one of these four W’s.

Across the last few weeks in LeaderLines, you were introduced to the H.I.L.L.crest Task:

          H -- Honor the Lord of Life
          I -- Invite Your World to Life
          L -- Love the Fellowship for Life
          L -- Live the Word in Life

These are the four basic activities of anyone who follows Jesus.  We should constantly monitor how we’re growing in all four areas.  As we grow, however, we will begin to get a burden to help others in particular areas.

Maybe you’ll get involved in the music ministry where you can help others “honor the Lord of life.”  That’s the Service of Worship.
Or maybe you’ll get involved in an outreach program where you can train others to “invite their world to life.”  That’s the Service of Witness.
Or maybe you’ll lead a Care Group in Sunday School where you can mobilize your class to “love the fellowship for life.”  That’s the Service of Warmth.
Or maybe you’ll teach Sunday School where you can help others “live the Word in life.”  That’s the Service of the Word.
The Hillcrest Task isn’t finished until every believer has found his place of service.

The IRS W-2s aren’t fun.  But when you discover your place in the Hillcrest W-4s, your life becomes an adventure!  As a leader, take a moment to review how well you’re doing at helping people find their place of service among the Hillcrest W’s!


P.S.  Over the last several weeks, have you noticed a pattern?  Those of you who have read “The Purpose-Driven Life” might notice that the things I’ve discussed the last five weeks correspond to the Five Purposes of that book!

          Worship:  “Honor the Lord of Life”
          Evangelism:  “Invite Your World to Life”
          Fellowship:  “Love the Fellowship for Life”
          Discipleship:  “Live the Word in Life”
          Service:  The Hillcrest W’s

As a partner with me in ministry leadership, you need to help me constantly review how we are leading people to fulfill these Biblical Purposes in their lives!

Make a note of upcoming leadership events . . .

"DISCOVER HILLCREST" SEMINAR AND FELLOWSHIP – Sunday, August 10.  This is an important seminar for all Hillcrest members and those interested in joining.  Each attendee will get a seminar workbook.  This material will inform you and inspire you to greater involvement in the Purposes of Hillcrest Baptist Church.  The seminar will be held from 5-7 p.m. in the Worship Center, with a snack fellowship to follow.

FIRST ANNUAL LEADERSHIP BREAKFAST – Saturday, August 16, 8:30-11:30 a.m.  Your Ministry Staff wants to cook breakfast for you!  Following breakfast, I will take all leaders through a one-hour workshop called "Getting Your Life and Ministry On Track.”  You will also receive a 2003-2004 church calendar to help you plan your own ministry program.  This Leadership Breakfast is for any and all leaders–if you THINK you belong at this breakfast, you probably do!  However, you MUST pre-register to enjoy the breakfast and child care.  Come for INspiration, INtercession, INformation, and IN____________.  (You'll have to come to find out the last one!)