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"Our Neighborhood CAN HUNGER Project"
by Tom Goodman
April 6, 2006

About forty of us are participating in the Neighborhood ‘Can Hunger’ Project that Herb launched a few months ago.  The aim is to get to know our immediate neighbors as we enlist them to help replenish the Capital Area Food Bank.  Herb has done all the legwork for this effort, including registering us as agents of the Food Bank.

This is a great relationship-building tool.  I’m getting to know my neighbors for the first time since moving in my home three years ago.  I wanted to give you Herb’s latest report on the Neighborhood ‘Can Hunger’ Project:

We delivered another 901 pounds of food from our March efforts to bring our total up to 1,949 pounds, or 1,560 meals!  That's almost one ton of food gathered for the food bank!!  I'm beginning to hear stories, but I would love to hear yours.  Have you had an interesting or encouraging human touch experience while doing this mission project in your neighborhood?  Please take a few minutes and send it to me.  I would really appreciate it, and it will encourage others to continue to use this tool to penetrate their neighborhoods with the love of Christ.
Here are a couple of stories to encourage you in your efforts:
1.  When I knocked, the door was open, and I couldn't help but notice the great effort it took for the disabled man to rise from his chair and come to the door.  I felt bad because here I was asking for a donation of food, and this man obviously didn't have much.  I was almost apologetic as I gave him the card and told him what I wanted.  He told me he didn't really think he had anything to give me.  I told him I understood completely and moved on.  In a few minutes, this man drove up to me on the street, and he had a bunch of food in the back seat to give me.  I was humbled by his act of generosity, especially since I knew the effort it took.
2.  "Thank you for doing this," the lady said.  "I talked to my friend two streets over, and she said she didn't get any information about the 'can hunger' food drive."  I carefully explained that I was only doing our street and that I couldn't do any more.  She said, "Can you bring me some of those cards?  I will work with my friend, and we'll do her street as well!"  How could I refuse???
3.  One single mom said, I'll be glad to give to this, because several years ago when my children were small, I had to get away from an abusive husband and I went to the battered women's shelter.  I know that the whole time I was there we received food from the food bank every week.  If it wasn't for those agencies at that time in my life, I don't know what I would have done!  Is there any way I can help with the project??"
My thanks to Herb and to all the folks involved in this project.  We’ll have another update for the whole church on Mother’s Day. Keep up the good work!


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