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“Last Call for the Leadership Breakfast!”
by Tom Goodman
October 20, 2005

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The Leadership Breakfast is this Saturday, October 22!  This event was moved from September due to the hurricane, and I’m glad it was.  The additional four weeks has given me lots more time for prayer and reflection.

The conclusion:  You really don’t want to miss this breakfast.

I prepared this material four weeks ago.  Most of it was prepared on the flight as I traveled to a conference in California.  Over the years, some of my most important stuff came to me sitting on long flights with nothing to do but think.  I sent all the material to the church office by e-mail so it could be ready for Saturday, since I wasn’t scheduled to be back in Austin until 10:30 p.m.  Friday night.  As you recall, Hurricane Rita caused enough distractions that we postponed our breakfast.

After four weeks, I haven’t changed what I planned to say.  I sensed God had some things he wanted me to tell you a month ago and I’m even more convinced after this time of conversations with people and prayer with God and review of my material.

I really hope you’ll come.  Based on the reservations, it looks like we’re about to have one of the best attendances for the annual leadership breakfast we’ve ever had.

This will be a time of inspiration and important information for anyone who has a role at Hillcrest.  Your Ministry Staff will serve breakfast at 8:30, and then we’ll begin our program.  We’ll end by 11:30 a.m.  Your RSVP for breakfast is encouraged but not required (but your RSVP for childcare is encouraged and required!).  Contact Jami at jami@hbcaustin.org or 345-3771.


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