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“The Steps We Take With Our Guests”
by Tom Goodman
October 6, 2005

October Personal Enrollment Campaign Countdown:
You have 4 Sundays and 24 days left to meet your enrollment goals!
Ask your Sunday School teacher how you can help!

Every Sunday, you need to scan the Worship Center for new faces and then introduce yourself to them.  It’s especially important that you introduce yourself to people who are in your age range.  Why?  Because the first thing guests are thinking as they walk into a place is, “Is there anyone like me in here?”

But what else do we do with guests other than give them choice parking spots and encourage you to greet them?  I thought you might want to know the steps we take with guests who visit our church.  There are several steps:

STEP ONE:  We encourage guests to complete a Communication Card.  This card is offered by greeters as a guest comes in the building, by Sunday School workers as a guest visits a class, and by a worship leader as a guest participates in the worship service.  While a guest only needs to fill out this card once, it’s important that we offer lots of opportunities for them to complete the card.  This is the only way we can begin to follow up on their visit. If you work in a Sunday School class, be sure that guests complete one of these cards!

STEP TWO:  We make two initial contacts with the guest.  The first contact takes place as early as Sunday afternoon when a deacon telephones all first-time guests.  A photocopy of the Communication Cards from all first-time guests can be picked up by the deacon-on-call on the counter in the church office immediately after the morning service so the deacon can make these calls.

STEP THREE:  The second initial contact is by a staff member.  Every Tuesday, your Ministry Staff reviews a report we jokingly call “The Sermon on the Amount.”  It gives us a quick snapshot of our numerical and financial standing as a church.  Also, this report includes the names of every guest who gave us their contact information.  A staff member is assigned to every guest, and the staff member has the responsibility to contact that person and determine what next-step action needs to be taken.

STEP FOUR:  If the staff member determines that a guest is a viable prospect for one of our Sunday School classes, Herb or Jim or BJ will contact the Sunday School teacher in the appropriate age group.  It is important that the Sunday School leader telephone or e-mail the prospect as soon as you are given the name!  Get to know them and invite them to attend your class.  Your staff is trying hard to give you only valid prospects for you to contact, but that means that you should not let several weeks go by before making your own phone call to them!  I can’t tell you how important STEP FOUR is to reaching your enrollment goal in our October campaign!

STEP FIVE:  Once the guest has attended your class, encourage them to enroll in your Bible study fellowship.  Look for ways to incorporate them into the friendships and activities of your class and department.

STEP SIX:  While you are trying to get them involved in your class, the Ministry Staff is also contacting the guests about showing up at the next Discover Hillcrest membership class.

STEP SEVEN:  When a guest attends the Discover Hillcrest class and expresses his intention to join, we present him to the congregation the following Sunday as a new member.

I hope you will do your part in helping guests feel welcome and helping them connect to the life of our church. God bless your work!


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