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“Helpful Resources for Christian Leaders”
Hillcrest Church Office
September 4, 2003

LeaderLines is a weekly “e-briefing” providing valuable information and inspiration to those who serve at Hillcrest Baptist Church.

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Here is this week’s LeaderLines. . . .

“Helpful Resources for Christian Leaders”
by Tom Goodman

One of the reasons I began LeaderLines was to introduce you to resources that will help you in your “leadership partnership” with me.  Here are a few online resources that will be particularly helpful for teachers and officers in our education ministry:

The Lifeway site has many archived articles to help any church leader.  Lifeway also has helpful recommendations on materials you can purchase for your teaching ministry.  [Go to www.lifeway.com.]
Christian Classics Ethereal Library is a “one-stop” site for free downloads of Christian classics.  (For example, you’ll find Brother Lawrence’s “The Practice of the Presence of God,” which I referred to last Sunday night.)  [Go to www.ccel.org.]
Movie Ministry helps you use scenes from current movies to illustrate the points of your lessons.  [Go to www.movieministry.com.]
Truth-or-Fiction is one site that everyone should bookmark.  Before forwarding those e-mails that claim some shocking revelation, check out Truth-or-Fiction.  As Christians, let’s not be the naïve participants in hoaxes, harmless or not.  [Go to www.truthorfiction.com.]
The Library Spot offers links to numerous libraries and research centers.  [Go to www.libraryspot.com.]
Our North American Mission Board has a number of “Belief Bulletins” that will help you understand other denominations, cults, and quasi-religious groups.  [Go to www.namb.net/root/resources/beliefbulletins.]
Of course, the list could go on.  There’s a lot of “roadkill” on the information superhighway, but the internet can be a powerful tool as you learn the links.  If you have any links that have helped you develop as a Christian leader, send them to me and I’ll share them in a future edition of LeaderLines.


P.S.  Here are a few notes to keep you “in the loop.”

First, we’ve scheduled a Baby Dedication for this Sunday, September 7, at 5:00 in the parlor.  We’ve generated some excitement in this approach to scheduling Baby Dedications because we get a chance to spend more time with the dedication and with the families.  The families have sent out 50 invitations to family and friends — what a great outreach opportunity!  We’ll evaluate the change after we’ve tried it for the first time this weekend.
Second, about 20 people have signed up to be members of the “Hillcrest Response Team.”  This group will be trained this Sunday evening (September 7) to begin the work of helping us with those who come forward at the end of our services.  We have people come up for decisions nearly every Sunday, and this Response Team will make our work more effective!
Third, if you missed the first “Discover Hillcrest” Workshop a month ago, you have another chance to go through it next Sunday, September 14, 4:00-6:00.  Over 200 people completed our first workshop.  As a leader, it’s vital that you know what this workshop is all about!