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"Seven Tips for Handling E-Mail"
by Tom Goodman
April 27, 2006

Do you get too much email?  Do you send too much email?  Are you sick of spam?  Have you ever thought about how much time is lost just due to handling e-mail?

If you can relate, I recommend a free online course with Kevin A. Miller, vice president of Christianity Today International, and author of Surviving Information Overload.  In less than 15 minutes you'll learn seven expert strategies for reducing your e-mail overload.  Learn about:

Why closing your email helps you get more done.
How your "off-peak" hours can make you more efficient.
How eliminating one simple sound from your computer will save you time.
How spacing out your email delivery can relieve your overload.
How to eliminate spam.
What to do when online businesses request your e-mail.
How O.H.I.O. can save you time, stress, and effort.
The website, CTCourses.com, is providing the course for free as a way of promoting their new training resources.  You will have to register, but there is no cost for the 15-minute study on handling your e-mail.  I highly recommend it.  Sign up for the course by clicking here.


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