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by Tom Goodman
November 18, 2004

Thank you for being so flexible during our Purpose-Driven Life Campaign!  As the campaign closed down, our Minister of Education, Herb Ingram, met with his key Sunday School leaders and the small-group hosts.  Now’s a good time to ask if there’s anything we can apply to our ongoing Bible study ministry from the experiences we’ve had these past few weeks.

What did we do these past few weeks that caused our weekly attendance in Sunday School to increase by 60-80 people?  Why did we see an average of 30 adult guests each week in our small groups—something that’s never happened before!  What’s behind the reports from many groups that lots of animated conversations and bonding took place?  Most important: if we find answers to these questions, what lessons can be applied to our ongoing Bible study ministry?

These were some of the questions that our leaders are asking right now.  Herb shared a report about his PDL “de-briefing” meetings in this week’s newsletter, and I’m copying it for you below.


“Small Group Debriefing”
by Herb Ingram

I would like to thank all who came for the "40 Days Small Group Debriefing" this past Sunday evening.  The discussion was incredibly helpful to me.  Thank you for your input, your questions, your positive spirit, and your honest fears.

So now the news you've been waiting for:  "What happens next?"  As a group we have learned some things:

We need to expect more of people, and we will get it.
It is easier to invite my THEMs to a small group of friends than a big one.
It is easier for a THEM to connect in a smaller group and quicker!
People want to be a part of a church that is alive and on-mission.
We have a friendly church with a warm fellowship.
We are all responsible for the Great Commission.
Adult Bible Study is the place for building relationships and sharing life together.
We want to be effective more than we want to be efficient.
For now, as of December 5, all pre "40 Days" departments/classes will resume.  For a special lesson for one week only, November 28, Senior Adults will be in regular classes/department; Adult 5 will be in regular classes/department; Singles 2 and Community Class will meet as departments; everyone else will be watching a 20-minute video lesson and meeting in their "40 Days" HOST discussion group for one last week.  Adult 2, 3 and 4 will see the video in department areas.  Adult 1, Singles 1 and Life University will view the video in the Auditorium.


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