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"Serving with Hill Elementary"
by Tom Goodman
June 29, 2006

I asked BJ to share her experience as a mentor at Hill Elementary this spring.  Here’s what she wrote:

I could barely contain my excitement a few weeks ago as my friend from Hill Elementary and her dad came through our church doors!  This delightful girl and I have had a great time as I have mentored her these past several months.  We've played games, shared meals, read together, scrap booked and talked!  What a blessing she has been in my life!  How wonderful it has been to be in the school each week!
Last night I met a new neighbor.  This precious child of God was down and discouraged by life events.  Instead of lying in bed and moping, she'd decided to come out and sit on her front porch.  That's when God crossed our paths.  We so enjoyed our visit together!
As I think about these events, I can't help but wonder… What if I hadn't veered way out of my comfort zone to talk with the Principal?  What if I'd let my physical pain keep me indoors?  What if I'd ignored the prompting of the Holy Spirit to get out there?  I could have missed so much!
Dear one, don't miss out!  Go meet your neighbors!  Come join me at Hill Elementary!  Face those fears and insecurities.  You will be so glad you did!
If you are interested in helping us partner with Hill Elementary in serving the children and families of our community, write BJ!


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