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An Update on the Search for Our Next Minister to Students
by Tom Goodman
December 23, 2010

Seven weeks ago we said good-bye to Jim Siegel, and we began a search for our next Minister to Students.  Last Sunday I shared an update with our students, and I want to share it with all our partners in leadership, too.

To date, we've received nearly 50 resumes, and I've asked 10 of those candidates to provide more information.  Of those 10, I've interviewed 8, and of those 8, I've found three I want to bring to the next level of consideration.

Even as we're moving to the next level with these three, I've just received 2 resumes that bear a closer look; and I've asked the candidates for more information.  I expect to interview them at the start of the new year.

Of course, it's impossible to tell you when the process will end with a candidate in front of the church.  But I can tell you it's a joy to visit with so many men and women who love the Lord and who would love a chance to serve here!

Here are two ways you can help:

First and last, you can pray.  You can pray for God to quickly send us the one he has prepared for this important work.  You can pray for God to prepare us for new leadership.  You can pray for God to work in a powerful way during the interim time through our youth leaders, our parents, and our students.

Second, you can spread the word.  There's a page on our website with the job description and instructions for submitting a resume: www.hillcrestaustin.org/studentministrysearch.  Forward this information to anyone you think should consider this position.  Also, forward this information to any church leader you know and ask them to think about those who might know of candidates we should consider.

May God guide us, and may he strengthen our student ministry during this interim time!


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