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"Helpful Online Resources"
by Tom Goodman
February 9, 2006

Here are some websites to help you in Bible study and church leadership.  I’d love to hear from you about links that you depend on as well!

To learn more about our international missions efforts, go to the home page for the International Mission Board.  On the top of the website, you can subscribe to e-mail alerts to keep you informed about missionary needs and opportunities for involvement.

Christianity Today has an online presence with many helpful resources.  For church leaders, you’ll especially like their section entitled Building Church Leaders.  The Christianity Today website has several free e-newsletters to keep you up-to-date on news and insights.  I depend on their Weblog to stay current—click here for this week’s edition.

Have you ever wondered how to properly pronounce a biblical word?  Go to the Biblical Words Pronunciation Guide for help.

If you use multimedia when creating your lessons or sermons, check out Stock Exchange and Holy Land Photos for free quality photos.  The Art Index at “The Text This Week” has many links to classic artwork.  See Sermon Spice for fee-based video clips.  (But you probably won’t find the video clips I use in occasional sermons.  I capture those myself.)

“The River,” Austin’s new Christian radio station (FM 102.3) has a website you might want to see.  The Christian “talk radio” station KIXL also has a website.

For Bible study, I recommend the resources at Bible Gateway and Precept Austin.  Also, for basic research, if you haven’t seen Wikipedia, it’s worth your time to browse it.  You will find 954,000 articles on just about anything (and growing all the time).  There are so many great sites for keeping up with daily news, but see what you think about World, which interprets national and world news from an evangelical perspective.

And finally, here’s one everyone can use: information on who has the cheapest gasoline!  The hyperlink will take you to gas stations in the church’s ZIP code (78759), but you can enter your own ZIP code, too.

Forward this to your friends.  And, remember, I’d love to hear about links that have been helpful to you!


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