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Connection Campaign Update
by Tom Goodman
January 17, 2008

In this week's Beacon, Herb Ingram gave us an update on our Connection Campaign.  It's good to get this update since giving you my last report in October.

Herb wrote, "It continues to be one of the most effective outreach campaigns I have ever been a part of."  He pointed out that some results are quantifiable while others are harder to measure.  Regarding the count:

  • We had around 120 guests at our BBQ.
  • We added about 200 households to our prospect database.
  • We have around 50 people that are maintaining some degree of continued presence.
  • We have had 4 families join the church, some awaiting baptism.
  • We continue to see new folks from the Campaign.

In addition to this good news, other results are harder to measure.  Herb wrote:

  • We've had scores of cards, calls, and emails thanking us for reaching out to the immediate community with this prayer effort.  We have really upgraded our standing in the community at large as a church that cares and prays.
  • It was like a revival for many of our people who participated, sensing that we were making a real effort to connect with the lost in our local mission area.
  • Many of the unchurched in our community are now open to us and should the situation arise, I think we would be the first church they would think of for ministry.  This is no small thing.

I think Herb's last point is especially important.  Any effort like this raises the profile of our congregation in the community, making people more mindful of Hillcrest.  To have 50 people from the Campaign attend even occasionally is a fantastic success in my book, but our church is now "on the radar" of far more people than that.

We continue to contact them.  In fact, I just sent a letter to 180 households from the Campaign, encouraging them to make a "New Year's Resolution" to come visit us.  Through Easter, we will continue to mail our weekly newsletter to every household that told us they were interested in us.  We also include them on special mailings highlighting our special events.

That means our Connection Campaign isn't over yet!  Please continue to pray for the 180 households who originally expressed interest in getting information about our church.  Pray for the 50 of them who have made one or more visits to Hillcrest.  And pray that we'll continue to find creative ways to raise awareness of our church in northwest Austin!


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