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“Heads-Up: Get Ready for Our New Fall Schedule”
by Tom Goodman
July 7, 2005

We’re seven weeks away from a new weekly schedule at Hillcrest!  This will impact you as a member and as a leader, so let me give you the “Heads-Up!” on what things will look like starting Sunday, August 21 and Wednedsay, August 24.

Sunday Evenings Starting August 21

The Hillcrest Institute of Lifelong Learning will run from 5:30 to 6:45 p.m.  We’ll have leadership meetings after that, but the Institute will be our only churchwide adult activity.  Herb is putting together six or seven courses designed to help you grow in Christ.  I’ve seen the courses and, believe me, you’re going to have a hard time choosing which one to take!  Herb will offer courses on money management, marriage enrichment, Precept Bible study, and several others.  I’m really excited about this new focus in our church!

Dave Miller and Jim Sessions are putting together “PraiseHill,” with gospel singing and a short devotional.  PraiseHill will run on the nights that the Hillcrest Institute operates, and it will run at the same time as the other classes in the Hillcrest Institute.

While adults are in the Institute, youth will have activities and children will have choir and Awanas.  Watch for more details about youth and children’s activities in the next few weeks.

After the Institute, we now have a designated time for leaders to meet!  Hooray!  Instead of having to meet at the same time as our discipleship classes, you now have an assigned spot on the monthly calendar.  Childcare will be provided for these leadership meetings if needed.

From 7:00 to 8:00 p.m each Sunday, leadership meetings will be held in the following order:

First Sundays:  Deacons; Children’s Council
Second Sundays:  Committees.  If you’re on a committee, you don’t have to meet every month.  If you need to meet, though, schedule your meetings for the second Sunday.
Third Sundays:  Bible Study Leadership Rally; Youth Leadership Meeting
Fourth Sundays:  Parentline (a quarterly meeting for parents of youth).  Also, other leadership meetings can be scheduled here as needed.
Wednesday Evenings Starting August 24

For a long time, I’ve wanted to provide a “spiritual shot in the arm” right in the middle of the week for our folks.  Now we can!  We’ll continue our excellent Wednesday meals, and if you haven’t tried Joyce and Marilyn’s cooking, let me tell you, you’re missing out on the best meal deal in town!

Even if you can’t come to our midweek meal, make it to midweek worship starting August 24.  By Wednesday, the stresses of work and family sometimes make us forget what we learned on Sundays!  That’s where our new midweek worship will help.  We’re going to meet in the Worship Center for 50 minutes every Wednesday and recharge our batteries for the rest of the week.

Here’s how it will look:  Gene will start things promptly at 6:30 p.m. with 15 minutes of music.  Our aim is to give you a “mini-Sunday morning service”—fast-paced, celebrative, worshipful.  Then I will lead us in a 10-minute prayer experience.  Every week we’ll get before God in some unique ways.  After that, I’ll take us through a 25-minute Bible lesson.  This Fall we’re going to start with the life of Joseph.  What a perfect character to study on Wednesday nights!  Here’s a guy who never lost his faith in his God-given dreams, no matter how tough life got.  We’ll end things around 7:20 so there will be enough time to turn the Worship Center over to the choir rehearsal.

Exciting Stuff Ahead!

All this is just seven weeks away!  Thanks for approving this schedule change:  I think our church will really benefit from our new efforts!  I’ll be sharing these details of the new schedule with the whole church in a few weeks, but I wanted you to hear it first.  In the meantime, be in prayer as the leadership works hard to put all this in place for the August 21 start!


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