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"Responsively Challenged"
by Tom Goodman
July 20, 2006

Did you read Gene’s column in your Beacon newsletter this week?  It’s one of the best pieces he’s written.  I want to share it with all the leadership this week:

Are you "responsively" challenged?  As a "pre-natal" Baptist, I find that I am.  We didn't want to raise our hands because "that was what the Pentecostals" did.  If something was to be verbalized a good hearty "Amen" was acceptable, but we weren't encouraged to clap or get very excited because, you know, the "Pentecostals."  And we have even become too dignified in our city churches to say "Amen!" and we certainly don't want to sound "country!"
So between the fear of being labeled Pentecostal or Country, we have become expressionless.  That's not necessarily being more "spiritual."  Although these forms of expression can become a problem and focus in and of themselves, so can silence.  If the focus is on us, whether we are afraid to respond or we are "jumping a pew," we are on thin ice.
As many of us are finding, many of these "rules" we have lived with for years are really pretty limiting when it comes to us actually worshiping the Lord.  Old habits are hard to break.  The Bible has numerous references to clapping, shouting and lifting up our hands to express ourselves in worship.  Ask the Lord to help you understand how He wants you to worship Him.
Good stuff!  Be sure to thank Gene for his writing and his leadership the next time you see him!


Summer Fair!  Mark your calendars for Sunday evening, August 13.  We’re going to the Quarries for a Ministry Fair, free BBQ, a worship service with communion and outdoor baptisms!  Watch for more details next week!

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