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Day 3 Devotional (Week 2)
Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God stands forever." -- Isaiah 40:8

On the morning of April 9th this year, it was business as usual in Fort Davis.  That afternoon though, in a matter of a few hours, a wildfire driven by heavy west Texas winds burned into town, and eventually over 100,000 acres around it.  Firefighters from around the nation fought the blaze nearly 48 hours before they contained it at all.  During that time it burned dozens of homes and many other structures.  As I write four days later, smaller fires continue to burn and winds still threaten.

Several families lost all their worldly possessions.  Everything they worked for was gone in a matter of minutes.  What didn't burn were God's promises.

He assures us He will be faithful.  He promises comfort through the hard times.  He reminds us that He feeds even the birds, so we should trust in our Heavenly Father for our own provisions.  Most of all, He promises His glory will be revealed through all circumstances.

Through this disaster, I've been awestruck at the outpouring of support the community has received.  Immediate physical needs were met within a couple days.  Neighbors offered hot showers and extra bedrooms.  Donation funds and item drop-offs were set up across the state.

God has His hands on Fort Davis through this time.  He has provided for so many people this week in heavenly ways.  No matter what fire, flood, earthquake, or other disaster strikes our lives, we still have God's assurances.

Father, I pray that as the grass withers in our lives you will draw us nearer to You.  Remind us what You've promised when our earthly desires are taken from us or challenged.  Let your will be done through us for Your glory.

Prepared by Jennifer Adams

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