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"The Next Level at Work"
by Tom Goodman
July 5, 2006

Every year, the National Association of Working Women sponsors a “worst boss” contest.  Women are encouraged to write in and explain why they are nominating their boss for this dubious honor.

A few years back, the worst boss award went to an un-named university official in Cincinnati.  He gave his employee a makeshift office in an unused restroom.

“I spent months typing while seated on the commode,” the anonymous employee wrote.  “Every time someone flushed the toilet in the other bathroom, my chair gurgled.”

Well, I’m sure the award left that boss flushed with pride!  (Insert reaction to the corny pun here.)

Most of us spend our waking hours fulfilling a job description and getting along with others at work.  This Sunday, we’ll look at what God’s Word says about this important part of life.  I’ve asked Ferrell Shaffer to help me with this message by sharing how he learned to trust God with his work decisions.  It’s a great story.

Join us every Sunday morning as we move through our study of Colossians, learning what “Next-Level Living” is all about.  Our “Bold” service starts at 9:30 and our “Smooth” service starts at 10:45.

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Links to Your World

The Boundless article, “My Evangelistic Checklist,” is a brief but worthy reminder about how—and why—to share your faith.  The three-point outline of the gospel is very similar to the “A-B-C” outline that I teach (“Admit,” “Believe,” and “Commit”).
Put your name on the Declaration of Independence!  You can put your signature alongside John Hancock's on the United States' Declaration of Independence.  However, before your name appears, you'll be asked if you are sure about the commitment you're about to make to the ‘new’ nation.  It then details the potential consequences of your decision.  A fun educational site for kids.
See the article, “Troubled Waters,” to read recent Baptists thinking on the subject of baptism as a requirement for church membership.  I had never heard of “alternative baptism” until reading this article, and I thought the discussion of “watchcare membership” was especially interesting (found in the second half of the piece).
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