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“The Discover Hillcrest Class — Why You Should Attend”
Hillcrest Church Office
September 11, 2003

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Here is this week’s LeaderLines. . . .

In remembrance of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, I thought you’d appreciate a link to an article on the subject:  www.pastors.com/RWMT/?id=119&artid=4445&expand=1

“The Discover Hillcrest Class — Why You Should Attend”
by Tom Goodman

If you couldn’t attend the “Discover Hillcrest” class in August, I hope you’ll make the class this Sunday, September 14.

The “Discover Hillcrest” class is designed for those who are considering membership.  When I began teaching these classes in previous churches, I found that the number of decisions for membership, professions of faith, and baptisms increased dramatically.  I’m sure that will happen here, too.

So why am I urging you, as my partners in leadership, to attend a membership class?  Over 250 church members attended the first class a month ago, and I don’t want you to miss out on what they know.  I want you to know what I’ll be teaching new members about your church.  I believe that the more my leadership-partners know about this class, the more excited they’ll be to urge prospects to go through it.

Everyone attending the class will receive a 40-page workbook.  The two-hour workshop will cover topics such as:

The most important thing you need to know about Jesus
What we teach about baptism
The four most important words at Hillcrest, which can be remembered using the acrostic “H.I.L.L.”
How to “connect” with others in the church
How to help us reach others for Christ and church involvement
How to worship
Opportunities for spiritual growth
Now, here’s an exciting addition to the “Discover Hillcrest” routine.  Our Children’s Minister, B.J. Linam, has designed her own workshop for children called “Discover Hillcrest Kids.”  Like the adult class that I teach, her class is a one-time class that will be available every month during the same 2-hour time slot as my class.  BJ’s material is very “kid-friendly” with lots of activities woven into the lessons.  I’ve seen the kid’s workbook she has prepared and it’s great.  In the future, we also expect to offer a “Discover Hillcrest Youth” class (for now, youth and adults will meet together with me).

As we fall into a routine, you’ll start seeing our pattern:  the second Sunday of every month we’ll hold the Discover Hillcrest classes, the third Sunday of every month we’ll schedule baptisms, and the first Sunday of the new month in a morning service we’ll introduce those who joined in the past month.  If you’ll give this schedule a few months before you draw any conclusions, I think you’ll like what we’re doing.

The September “Discover Hillcrest” class is this Sunday, September 14, 4-6 p.m.


P.S.  Here are a few notes to keep you “in the loop.”

First, the afternoon Baby Dedication this past Sunday went very well.  Two of our five families could not attend and I am scheduling their baby dedication in a morning service Sunday, September 21.  As your new pastor, I will then have a chance to evaluate which schedule is best for our young families and for our large and growing Sunday morning attendance.
Second, some members of the “Hillcrest Response Team” will start to work this Sunday, September 14, after both morning services.  I told you about their work in last week’s LeaderLines.
Third, starting the first Sunday of October, we will begin the first service at 8:15 instead of 8:30.  This will give us a chance to offer those who attend the first service everything we provide to those who attend the second service.  This should give some folks more reasons to attend the first service and free up some space in the second service.  We’re growing more crowded by the week!  On a related note, we’re going start a shuttle service to the Anderson High School parking lot on October 5.  Hillcrest has used this option on certain high-attendance days, but it’s time to make it a permanent part of our routine.  We’re looking for at least 25 people to make a commitment to use the shuttle!  Show your excitement about our church’s growth by signing up!