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  June 5, 2020
Sermon Archive

Dr. Tom Goodman

The list below allows you to use the audio control to listen to or download audio files for every sermon at Hillcrest since December 31, 2000.  For most of these sermons, you can also download textual information about the sermon -- e.g., sermon notes, discussion guides, or in some of the oldest sermons, manuscripts.

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Sermon Date
Sermon Title
May 31, 2020 Series: Faith IRL
Signs of the Spirit
What does a life and a church look like when the Holy Spirit is at work?
  — Acts 2:1-21
Dr. Tom Goodman

May 24, 2020 Series: Faith IRL
Finding God in Your Crisis
We need spiritual eyesight to discover that God is near at hand in our crisis times.
  — 2 Kings 6:8-23
Dr. Tom Goodman

May 17, 2020 Series: Faith IRL
We Do Not Lose Heart
Find out how to find your heart for living again.
  — 2 Corinthians 4:7-18
Dr. Tom Goodman

May 10, 2020 Series: Faith IRL
What Kind of Jesus Do You Have in Your Boat?
How you handle life's challenges depends on what kind of Jesus you have in your boat.
  — Mark 4:35-41
Dr. Tom Goodman

May 3, 2020 Series: What's After
The Highlight of Heaven
The one we most long to see in heaven is the one who died for our salvation!
  — Daniel 7:9-14
Dr. Tom Goodman

April 26, 2020 Series: What's After
Relationships in Heaven
What does the Bible say about eternal relationships in heaven?
  — 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
Dr. Tom Goodman

April 19, 2020 Series: What's After
Evidence for the Afterlife
What should we make of near-death experiences?
  — Matthew 9:18-19,23-26
Dr. Tom Goodman

April 12, 2020 Series: Claim of Thrones
All Things New
There’s a hope that enables you to confidently endure hard times. What is it? Who needs it? How do you get it?
  — Revelation 21:1-22:21
Dr. Tom Goodman

April 5, 2020 Series: Claim of Thrones
When We All Become Millennials
Earthly history ends with Christ’s millennial reign. Find out how you can be part of it.
  — Revelation 20:1-15
Dr. Tom Goodman

March 29, 2020 Series: Claim of Thrones
Learn four things about Christ’s return.
  — Revelation 19:11-21
Dr. Tom Goodman

March 22, 2020 Series: Claim of Thrones
Large and Startling Figures
Free yourself from the terrible beauty of a ruined world destined to fall.
  — Revelation 17:1-19:10
Dr. Tom Goodman

March 15, 2020 Series: Claim of Thrones
Sojourners, Not Inhabitants
Christians are to be sojourners on the earth instead of inhabitants of the earth. What’s the difference?
  — Revelation 15:1-16:21
Dr. Tom Goodman

March 8, 2020 Series: Claim of Thrones
The Long Shadow of Our Imperishable Deeds
Whether or not we belong to God has eternal consequences.
  — Revelation 14:1-20
Dr. Tom Goodman


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