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  May 17, 2022
Sermon Archive

Dr. Tom Goodman

The list below allows you to use the audio control to listen to or download audio files for every sermon at Hillcrest since December 31, 2000.  For most of these sermons, you can also download textual information about the sermon -- e.g., sermon notes, discussion guides, or in some of the oldest sermons, manuscripts.

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Sermon Date
Sermon Title
May 15, 2022 Staking a Claim on the Past
When you're in tough times, recalling how God has come through in the past will build your faith.
  — Psalm 77
Dr. Tom Goodman

May 8, 2022 When You Meet the God of the Stories
We've heard stories of how God showed up in someone else's life, but what do we do when we find ourselves in a story all our own?
  — Psalm 48
Dr. Tom Goodman

May 1, 2022 Series: Friends For Life
Friends Who Help You Win
Build friendships that will help you win in your spiritual warfare.
  — 2 Samuel 23:8-39
Dr. Tom Goodman

April 24, 2022 Series: Friends For Life
Reaching Others with Others
Faith and friendship can combine to accomplish powerful things!
  — Mark 2:1-12
Dr. Tom Goodman

April 17, 2022 Series: Friends For Life
Build Friendships That Build Hope
Learn how to build the kind of relationships that build your hope in God's glorious future.
  — 1 Corinthians 15:33-34
Dr. Tom Goodman

April 10, 2022 Series: The Gospel of John
Built to Last
Jesus offers us the kind of joy and peace that is built to last.
  — John 16:20-33
Dr. Tom Goodman

April 3, 2022 Series: The Gospel of John
The God Who Won't Leave Us Alone
When sharing spiritual truth to nonbelievers or even understanding it ourselves, we have help!
  — John 16:7-15
Dr. Tom Goodman

March 27, 2022 Series: The Gospel of John
When Opposition Comes
When you are opposed because of your faith draw on the resources Christ provides so you can endure.
  — John 15:18-6:4
Daniel Engelhart

March 20, 2022 Series: The Gospel of John
How's Your Friendship Quotient
Assess your capacity for friendship with five questions.
  — Johnb 15:9-17
Dr. Tom Goodman

March 13, 2022 Series: The Gospel of John
How to Thrive on the Vine
To thrive, there is one thing God will do and one thing you must do.
  — John 15:1-8
Dr. Tom Goodman

March 6, 2022 Series: The Gospel of John
Here to Help
Discover who the Spirit is, what the Spirit does, and how to receive his benefits.
  — John 14:15-31
Dr. Tom Goodman

February 27, 2022 Series: The Gospel of John
How to Untrouble Your Heart
Jesus reminded us of three things that can comfort troubled hearts.
  — John 14:1-14
Dr. Tom Goodman

February 20, 2022 Series: The Gospel of John
Before You Fall
We fail like Judas when we don’t really know Jesus. We fail like Peter when we don’t really know ourselves.
  — John 13:18-38
Dr. Tom Goodman


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