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  April 20, 2024
Sermon Archive

Dr. Tom Goodman

The list below allows you to use the audio control to listen to or download audio files for every sermon at Hillcrest since December 31, 2000.  For most of these sermons, you can also download textual information about the sermon -- e.g., sermon notes, discussion guides, or in some of the oldest sermons, manuscripts.

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Sermon Date
Sermon Title
April 21, 2024 Series: Catalyst: Impacting Others Through Prayer
Catalyst: Praying for the Inner Being
When we pray like Paul, we’ll be concerned for another’s inner being and not just their outward circumstances.
  — Ephesians 3:14-21
Dr. Tom Goodman

April 14, 2024 Series: Catalyst: Impacting Others Through Prayer
Catalyst: Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Let’s Pray
Pray for others to have a deeper experience with God and a deeper appreciation of his benefits.
  — Ephesians 1:15-23
Dr. Tom Goodman

April 7, 2024 The Recognition of Jesus
Truly recognizing Jesus as God will change us in pivotal ways.
  — John 20:24-29
Dr. Steve Washburn

March 31, 2024 What Easter Can Do to Your "If Onlys"
Your experience with this world is not where your value is found, but it is where your virtue is forged.
  — 1 Corinthians 7:17-31
Dr. Tom Goodman

March 24, 2024 King of Glory!
The God who claims dominion over all things rushes to defend those who worship him.
  — Psalm 24
Dr. Tom Goodman

March 17, 2024 Be Careful Who You Wish From
Sometimes God lets us experience the consequences of a decision we think is best so we can learn what is truly best.
  — 1 Samuel 8:1-22
John Messinger

March 10, 2024 When You're Paralyzed By the Past
When you're paralyzed by past regrets, name your frailty, appreciate your friends, and receive God’s forgiveness.
  — Mark 2:1-12
Dr. Tom Goodman

March 3, 2024 Ageless Faith
Dr. Julio Guarneri, Executive Director, Texas Baptists, explains how to have ageless faith.
  — Hebrews 11
Dr. Julio Guarneri, Texas Baptists

February 25, 2024 Series: Engaged: Powerful Promises from Romans 8
The Hand of Providence
Because nothing can stop God’s plans for you, nothing can separate God’s love from you!
  — Romans 8:28-39
Dr. Tom Goodman

February 18, 2024 Series: Engaged - Powerful Promises from Romans 8
Reminiscing About the Future
There’s a big gap between the way life is and the way life will be at Christ’s return. Because of that gap, creation groans, we groan, and the Spirit groans.
  — Romans 8:18-27
Dr. Tom Goodman

February 11, 2024 Series: Engaged - Powerful Promises from Romans 8
Your Part and God's Part in Spiritual Growth
When it comes to becoming like Jesus, you have to take up your role and trust God’s role in the process.
  — Romans 8:5-17
Dr. Tom Goodman

February 4, 2024 Series: Engaged - Powerful Promises from Romans 8
Good News for Those Who Fall Short
Learn three ways we tend to respond to the reality of sin, and the one great way God took care of our sin.
  — Romans 8:1-4
Dr. Tom Goodman

January 28, 2024 When Good Things Happen to Bad People
How can you keep your faith when life is unfair?
  — Psalm 73
Dr. Tom Goodman


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