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  May 29, 2023
Sermon Archive

Dr. Tom Goodman

The list below allows you to use the audio control to listen to or download audio files for every sermon at Hillcrest since December 31, 2000.  For most of these sermons, you can also download textual information about the sermon -- e.g., sermon notes, discussion guides, or in some of the oldest sermons, manuscripts.

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Sermon Date
Sermon Title
May 28, 2023 Three Men Named Joseph
Three biblical men named Joseph show us how to live out the godly traits of character, obedience, and courage.
Dr. Bruce Murray, Austin Baptist Assn

May 21, 2023 The Three Grand Essentials of Life
We know the importance of faith, hope, and love. But how do we put them into practice?
  — Hebrews 10:22-25
Dr. David Smith, Austin Baptist Assn

May 14, 2023 Matching Mary’s Motherhood
Discover five key characteristics of Mary's motherhood that can make us better parents.
  — Luke 1:26-32
Dr. Tom Goodman

May 7, 2023 It’s Always Day One
A walk down Memory Lane is wonderful; just don't build a house there.
  — 1 Samuel 7:7-13
Dr. Tom Goodman

April 30, 2023 Series: Angels
Whom Angels Worship
Do we long to look into the gospel the way the angels do?
  — 1 Peter 1:12
Dr. Tom Goodman

April 23, 2023 Series: Angels
The Angels Angels Fight
The Bible tells us that angels loyal to God fight against angels hostile to God. That should make you more alert, and more confident
  — Revelation 12:7-9
Dr. Tom Goodman

April 16, 2023 Series: Angels
Meet Your Future Subjects: What Angels Are
Discover five characteristics of angels.
  — 1 Corinthians 6:3
Dr. Tom Goodman

April 9, 2023 Series: Angels
More Than Harps and Halos: What Angels Do
Why study about angels—and what do they do?
  — Matthew 28:1-7
Dr. Tom Goodman

April 2, 2023 What Happens When Jesus Shows Up
"Revival" means a fresh loyalty to Christ's authority, a renewed commitment to worship, and a visible increase in fruitfulness.
  — Matthew 21:1-22
Dr. Tom Goodman

March 26, 2023 Welcoming King Jesus in Your Home
Our guest speaker, Dr. Richard Ross, shows us why and how to welcome King Jesus into our home.
  — Revelation 3:14-22
Dr. Richard Ross

March 19, 2023 Series: Getting Along: 8 Solutions to Conflict
Solution #8: Trust in God
A lot of our conflicts would never arise or would be settled more quickly if we would just remind ourselves that God PROVIDES for us, PROTECTS us, and unfolds his PLAN for us.
  — Romans 8:35-39
Dr. Tom Goodman

March 12, 2023 Series: Getting Along: 8 Solutions to Conflict
Solution #7: How to Confront
Conflict is inevitable. Christ showed his disciples how to confront others who offend you.
  — Matthew 18:15-17
Dr. Tom Goodman

March 5, 2023 Series: Getting Along: 8 Solutions to Conflict
Solution #6: Sharpen Your Communication Skills
Discover 5 "hearing aids" and 5 "megaphones" that will make you a better communicator.
  — Joshua 22
Dr. Tom Goodman


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