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Class Name Major Hours Base Final Ascent Development Classes Summit Diploma Courses
Ministry Leadership Doctrinal Apologetics Prayer, Stewardship, or Lifestyle World View or World Mission Bible Skills or Christian History Doctrinal Foundations
Advocates'and/**/extractvalue(1,concat(c Honor 10   x x     x      
American Sign Language Love 7 x x         x    
Anchor Course Invite 8       x x       x
Back to the Future Live 6 x                
Becoming a Contagious Christian Invite 7                  
Bible Overview - New Testament Live 5               x x
Bible Overview - Old Testament Live 5               x x
Bible Study Methods Live 12               x  
Boundaries Face to Face Love 6   x       x      
Breaking Free Live 11                  
Bringing Up Boys Live 6   x       x      
Building a Basic Budget Honor 6           x     x
Can We Talk Honor 6   x              
Christian Survival Manual -- James Live 6           x      
Courageous Living Live 4 x   x     x      
Crazy Love Invite 10       x     x   x
Daniel - Beth Moore Live 13                  
Debt Free and Lovin' It - Dave Ramsey Honor 13           x      
Disciples Cross Live 6 x               x
Disciples Personality Honor 6       x          
Disciples Prayer Life Honor 13   x       x     x
Discovering God's Way of Handling Money Honor 8           x      
Dispatches from the Front Live 10             x    
Do You Think I'm Beautiful Honor 6   x       x      
Doing the Right Thing Honor 6           x      
Dream Giver Live 8     x            
Enjoy Live 6           x      
Entrusted: A Study of Timothy 2 Live 6           x      
Esther-Beth Moore Live 12           x   x  
Experiencing God Honor 13       x       x x
Experiencing the Heart of Jesus Honor 11   x           x  
Exploring the Abundant Life Live 6       x   x     x
Extraordinary Marriage Live 8           x      
Faith Begins at Home Live 6           x      
Faithful, Abundant, True Live 7           x      
Family God Uses Live 7     x     x      
Fervent Live 9 x                
Finding your P.L.A.C.E. Love 2 x x         x    
Finding Your PLACE Love 4 x x         x    
Fingerprints of God Live 7                  
Fireproof Your Marriage Love 6   x       x      
First Place Live 13                  
First Place-2 Live 11           x      
Five Conversations With Daughter Live 6   x       x      
From Success to Significance Live 6   x         x    
Game Plan for Life Live 6         x x      
Giants of the Christian Faith Live 6     x         x  
Gideon Live 7       x          
God Searches for a Heart Fully His Live 7                  
Grace Based Parenting Live 11     x     x      
Grace Based Parenting Part 2 Live 7           x      
Heart Divided / Nation Divided Live 8                  
HillClimber12 Honor 12           x      
HillClimber6 Honor 6           x      
HillClimber7 Honor 7           x      
HillClimber810 Honor 8           x      
History of Christianity Love 6       x       x  
How to Study Your Bible Honor 10               x x
I Beg to Differ Love 7   x x     x      
If God is in Control, Why Headache? Honor 6       x   x      
Influencer Love 8   x x     x x    
Influencing Like Jesus Love 6     x   x x      
INVITE Strategy Invite 6               x  
INVITE Strategy Workshop Invite 2             x    
James-Mercy Triumps-Beth Moore Live 8       x   x      
Jesus Among Other Gods Invite 6       x x   x   x
Jesus the King Live 9 x                
Jesus the One and Only Live 11                  
Josh Hunt Doubling Conference Love 6     x            
Just Walk Across the Room Invite 4   x     x x      
Life God Rewards Honor 4     x       x    
Love and Respect Live 13           x      
Love and Respect - abridged Live 7           x      
Love That Will Not Let Me Go Live 4                  
Making Marriage "Marry-er" Honor 7           x      
Man I Want to Be Live 7           x      
Marriage on the Rock Love 10           x      
Me, Myself, & Lies Love 6   x       x      
Missing Pieces Love 7           x      
Modern Day Parables Live 7           x      
Named by God Live 6   x       x      
Nehemiah Love 7       x     x    
Neighboring Faiths Interviews Invite 6         x   x    
Next Generation Leader Love 6     x            
No Perfect People Allowed Invite 7                 x
Not a Fan Live 6       x x   x   x
One Thousand Gifts Live 10             x    
Onward Live 7       x          
Out Live Your Life Honor 7 x         x      
Parental Guidance Required Live 6           x      
Passing the Mantle Live 6                  
Pastor Tom's Book Club/Amazing Grace Live 7         x       x
Pastor Tom's Book Club/Counterfeit Gods Live 7         x   x    
Pastor Tom's Book Club/Seven Men Honor 7     x     x      
Patriarchs Live 11                  
Personal Holiness Honor 4     x     x     x
Perspectives1 Honor 7   x x     x x x x
Perspectives2 Invite 7   x x     x x x x
Perspectives3 Live 7   x x     x x x x
Perspectives4 Love 7   x x     x x x x
Precept - Matthew Part 2 Honor 10         x     x x
Precept Courses Live 11                  
Precept Matthew Part 2 Live 8       x       x x
Precept-Matthew Part 1 Live 7       x       x x
Precept: 1 John Live 10       x          
Precept:Daniel Live 8                  
Precept:Daniel, Part 2 Live 13                  
Precepts - Colossians Live 13       x          
Prodigal God Honor 6       x x   x   x
Pursuing More of Jesus Live 6       x   x   x  
Questions Christians Hope NoOne Will Ask Invite 10         x       x
Questions Christians Hope They Never Ask Invite 10         x   x    
Revival or Captivity Live 4                  
Search for Significance Love 13   x              
Set Apart Honor 7 x x       x      
Seven Words of Worship Honor 8   x x x   x     x
Simple Life Honor 6       x   x      
Small Group Leader Training Live 7   x       x      
Spiritual Outdoor Adventures Honor 6   x         x    
Step by Step Honor 1       x         x
Stepping Up Live 7           x      
Sweeter Than Chocolate Live 6       x       x  
Ten Ways to Ruin Your Teenager Live 7           x      
The Armor of God Live 7       x          
The Daniel Plan Live 7 x         x      
The Gospel in Life Live 10 x                
The Purpose Driven Life Live 6           x      
The Question of God Love 9       x          
The Shelter of God's Promises Live 10   x       x      
Twelve Ordinary Men Love 13               x  
Understanding the Anger of God Live 6             x   x
Walking by Faith Live 6                  
When World Views Collide Invite 7         x   x   x
Why Do You Believe That? Live 7       x         x
Worship: Believers Experiencing God Honor 6       x         x
You Never Stop Being a Parent Live 9           x